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Frequently Asked Questions and Policy Overview

Frequently Asked Questions and Policy Overview

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Q: How long in advance is required to reserve for my airport trip?
A: We always say the more notice the better, so as soon as you have your trip confirmed, you should reserve your ground transportation. We can usually accommodate with a minimum of 36 hours’ notice depending on weather, local events, or other factors.

Q: How much travel time should I allow for my airport trip?
A: Typically airlines want you there 1 hour before the flight departs, 2 hours for international flights minimum. You should check with your airline to find out their policy. Keep in mind traveling on specific days, times, during weather events, or when there is construction, travel time will increase. Accident or other impromptu traffic events can happen. If you are checking luggage or traveling with a large group, or someone who needs special accommodations, that will also add to your travel time. Check your travel times and then allow for any other variables. It’s always better to allow extra time because while it’s not a lot of fun waiting at the airport, it beats worrying if you will make it on time due to any unforeseen circumstance. 

You can check the travel time for a specific date and time for your trip to either airport with the links below. Just type in your location at the top left of the page. 

Travel time to O’Hare:
Travel time to Midway: 

Q: Do you provide car seats for children?
A: Due to the liability involved with recalls and various different requirements for age and weight for children, we simply cannot accurately and safely provide them. If you bring your own, we can keep your seats for your return ride home. 

Q: Do you allow service animals and pets?
A: Generally speaking, a small pet under 20 lbs. in a carrier is fine, there is a $20.00 surcharge. The fee and availability for larger animals is decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: How much luggage will fit?
A: A general guide below can help decide. If you have other items like strollers, wheelchairs, scooters, or other items, please call us to help determine what vehicle will best accommodate your needs. There may be a surcharge for excessive luggage or you may need to reserve a separate vehicle to transport your additional luggage. 

Sedans 1- 4 Passengers: Can fit up to 2 large bags, or 4 smaller bags, with up to 4 carry-ons and 1 set of clubs. If you have 2 sets of clubs, up to 2 smaller bags and 2 carry on will generally fit.

SUVs 1 – 7 Passengers: Can fit up to 4 large bags, 6 smaller bags, with up to 6 carry-ons. 4 sets of clubs are the maximum and can fit 1 carry on per passenger.

Limousine 1- 8 Passengers: Can fit up to 4 large bags, 6 smaller bags, with up to 6 carry-ons. 2 sets of clubs are the maximum and can fit 1 carry on per passenger.

Q: Is there an extra charge for golf clubs or skis?
A: No.

Q: I have to travel very early in the morning or late at night, is there an extra charge?
A: We have a $10.00 surcharge for travel between 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM

Q: Are you available during major Holidays?
A: We have a $25.00 surcharge for all Federal Holidays.

Q: What do you charge for a stop to or from the airport?
A: Depending if it is on or off route, the charge per stop starts at $10.00 plus waiting time of $1.00 per minute. 

Q: What is the gratuity? Can I tip in cash?
A: We charge 20% of the fare, if you want to tip in cash, you must mention it when booking your trip.

Q: What if my departing flight is cancelled? Will I still be charged?
A: We only have the ability to monitor arriving flights. If your departing flight is cancelled, we need 2 hours’ notice otherwise you will be charged.

Q: What if my arriving flight is cancelled or delayed? Will you still be able to pick me up if I am re-booked on another flight or if my original flight is delayed?
A: We monitor arriving flights automatically. A slight delay of 15 minutes or less usually isn’t a major issue. If your arriving flight is cancelled or delayed, you’ll need to contact us or have someone contact us on your behalf to make us aware and to reschedule your ride. We will only charge if we are not notified by you. We will do our best to accommodate you for your delayed or re-booked flight. Circumstances will vary, especially during weather events.

Q: What if the airlines lose my bags?
A: You’ll need to notify us immediately. There could be waiting time charge involved especially if your luggage is coming in on another flight.

Q: I may have left my phone or other item in your vehicle how do I get it back?
A: We are not responsible for your personal items. You’ll have to contact us to make arrangements to pick the item up, meet the chauffeur or have the item returned. There will be a fee of no less than the full original trip charge if we have to deliver the item to you. If you need the item shipped, you will have to pay the shipping charge plus the cost of our time, which will be a minimum of $50.00 to take the item to your shipper.  

Q: What is your charge for waiting time?
A: $1.00 per minute. 

Q: What is your No Show policy?

A: A No Show is considered a cancellation without proper notice and will be charged full fare. 

Meaning if we send a vehicle as ordered and you are not there, you will be charged no matter what the circumstance. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Our cancellation policy is attached to your confirmation email and can also be read here.

Cancellation Policy

ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE DONE OVER THE PHONE 312-637-9800 in order to receive a cancellation number. No Shows and Late Cancellation for any reason shall incur full charge on the credit card provided. Deposits And Pre-Paid Services On All reservations Are Non-refundable.

Cancellation Notice Requirements
Airport Reservations:
SEDANS: Require 2-hour cancellation notice otherwise full charge shall apply
SUV and Stretch Limousines: Require 24-Hour notice prior to the reservation otherwise full charge shall apply

Point-To-Point/Transfer, Chartered And Hourly Events:
SEDANS & SUVs: Require 4-hour cancellation notice otherwise full charge shall apply

Stretch Limousines: Require 48-Hour notice prior to the reservation otherwise full charge shall apply 

Q: Do you travel out of state?
A: We travel to Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Call us for a quote.

Q: When should I reserve for my wedding?
A: No less than 4 months especially during the wedding season (Spring through Fall) to guarantee availability. 

Q: When should I reserve for my prom?
A: As soon as you know the date for your prom to guarantee availability. 

Q: When should I reserve for my homecoming?
A: As soon as you know the date for your homecoming to guarantee availability.

Q: When should I reserve for my concert?
A: As soon as you know the date for your homecoming to guarantee availability.

Any questions or requests that is not covered here can be answered by calling or emailing us.


When you reserve a car with Transport Limousine Service, we will send you an email confirmation. If you don't receive it within an hour or so, check your spam folder, if it's not there, give us a call and we'll double-check your email address and resend it. Once you receive it, you should read it to ensure all the details are correct. If you need to make any changes, call or email us any time - we're here 24 hours. If you neglect to read the email, and any of the details are incorrect by our error or yours, you may not get your vehicle as ordered or if we show up and you ordered it for the wrong date or time, you will incur a full charge. We also encourage you to call a day or two before to re-confirm your trip.   


Getting there is all of the fun, going home, not so much. Unless you rent our vehicle hourly and have paid for a parking pass, the logistics of picking you up after your event will absolutely involve walking and waiting. We have no control over traffic during these events and must follow the directions of the traffic directors and law enforcement at the venue which often change. Please also note that smoking or eating is not permitted in any of our vehicles, and by Illinois State Law transporting, serving, and/or consuming alcohol is permitted in our Stretch Limousines only. Our chauffeurs will immediately terminate your ride if you or your passengers disregard these rules or display any unsafe, unruly, or vulgar behavior.  


Our Reservation Management Software will monitor your incoming flight, but when weather events occur, sometimes even that is not reliable. We require that you call us notifying us of any delay, change, or cancellation of your scheduled flight to avoid being charged.

Please read your email confirmations for our transportation agreement which covers our all of our terms and conditions. 

Please contact us with any questions.